My name is Lindsay Boechler and I’m a certified personal trainer of four years. People ask me how I’ve done my job for so long, and it’s because I truly love fitness and how it can change people’s lives for the better in so many ways.
I’ve always been an athlete from a young age. I started dance at the age of three and from there, I’ve experimented in all varieties. From Basketball, to golf until I eventually became passionate about the gym and the sport of bodybuilding (Bikini).
I am a bikini competitor who has graced the stage eight separate times. With four of those experiences being nationally (most current CBBF Natural Nationals 2016). With these four years of competing combined with personal training, comes a great deal of knowledge and experince. The sport a long with the  industry can be a very confusing  and overwhelming. With anything that I set my sights on, I enjoy bringing my personality and humour into the equation. I’m a very raw and open person who speaks my mind on a variety of topics. Which I persoanlly believe is rare to find in todays’ society, especially in this industry.  I’m very down to earth, humble and I believe in enjoying yourself while reaching any goal. Life along with fitness should be about the journey, not the finish line. I believe in balance and enjoying yourself while changing your lifestyle for the better. I belive that being “fit” is so much more than how you look. It’s a combination of how you feel about yourself and what you choose to commit to in order to feel positively about your accomplishments. I belive in hard work, pateince and of course dedication. My clients have chosen me based on who I am as a person and what I can teach them in, as well as  outside of the gym.
I am originally from Saskatoon Saskatchewan, where I found my passion for fitness and helping others. There, I started my career as a Certified Personal Trainer. I’ve met so many amazing people who have touched my life and taught me so many lessons. In 2016, I was acknowledged and rewarded  for my traits by a local supplement company called Herc’s Nutrition. This company  appreciated and respected me for what I represent, and graced me with the title of  their first female sponsored athlete.
After living in Saskatoon on and off for ten years, I decided after many life altering changes that it was time for something different.  So I embarked on a trip to Bali, Indonesia before I made a permanent move to Kelowna British Columbia, in November of 2016. Here I plan to get a fresh new perspective on the industry and on life. I want to express my passions (including my corgi Gatsby)  and opinion on life’s topics that are so rarely discussed on larger platforms. The fitness industry itself can be quite consuming at times and can often set such unrealistic expectations for the public. Being in the heart of it all for so long, it can cause  you to feel like you’re trapped inside of a small bubble. I feel  this is my time to break free in a sense and express my thoughts and opinions with my readers through my eyes.